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Assessments and Evaluations


At Unfold Psychology, we are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized mental health services to our clients. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating various mental health conditions, and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their optimal level of mental wellness. We specialize in court-ordered evaluations and strive to ensure that each evaluation is thorough, unbiased, and informative.


For individuals and families involved in child custody cases, Unfold Psychology is here to help. We provide professional court-ordered evaluations that are designed to provide the court with the information it needs to make informed decisions. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering compassionate care that is tailored to meet your unique needs. We will work closely with you to ensure that the evaluation process goes smoothly and that you are well-informed every step of the way.

Mother and Child


One of the most difficult parts of managing child anxiety is that it manifests in a myriad of negative behaviors. Short tempers, racing thoughts, and acute focus on unwelcome thoughts are indicators of anxiety.

Our treatment begins with creating measurable milestones and clarifying your child’s goals. We search out the root of their anxiety to help them cope long-term. My office is a space to celebrate their successes and support them through challenges.

I work with your child to help them name their fears, identify their triggers, and learn coping skills that empower them to manage their anxiety independently.


Our sessions foster a supportive environment for your child to understand their ADHD and develop tools to achieve it.

ADHD is one of the first “maybe’s” teachers and parents consider when a child is presenting as disruptive, difficult to contain, fidgety and/or forgetful. We work together to develop an academic plan that responds to their needs and helps them succeed, in school and beyond.

Schedule permitting, I will regularly attend IEP meetings with their school to discuss ways to provide ideal support.

If you are unsure of your child’s ADHD diagnosis or need an Academic Accommodation, please see this page for more information.


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