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Cognitive Assessments


Dr. Heafey and his team offer integrated concierge psychology services to provide

personalized and specialized care. We have partnered with Creyos (formerly

Cambridge Brain Sciences) suite of neurocognitive tasks are derived from traditional

pen and paper tests, and accurately measure core elements of cognition like short-

term memory, reasoning, attention and verbal ability.


Cognition is closely linked with mental health. Mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders often have cognitive consequences. From complaints of brain fog to scientifically-proven deficits, a loss of cognitive clarity can make a patient’s recovery even more difficult, leading to a downward spiral.

Creyos Health quantifies a patient’s brain health, identifying loss in capacity associated with mental health. Clinical psychologists use Creyos Health to assist in clinical diagnosis of specific disorders, better target treatments based on the patient’s capacity, and track recovery over the course of treatment sessions.

They are trusted by healthcare clinics and researchers worldwide, and have been validated by decades of scientific research and allows us to easily administer validated and engaging cognitive assessments and health questionnaires to better measure and manage brain health.

Cognitive Assessments can evaluate cognitive functions across:

  • Memory

  • Concentration

  • Verbal skills

  • Reasoning


Cognitive Assessments can be used:

  • To determine the effectiveness of interventions and treatment planning

  • As a diagnostic aid

  • To detect change in cognitive health

Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive assessments can provide valuable insights about cognitive function


Accessibility and Convenience

Convenient access from anywhere, saving time and effort while eliminating the need for physical test centers


Data-driven Insights

Online assessments generate valuable data, offering immediate feedback and detailed reports to identify cognitive strengths and areas for improvement


Standardization and Objectivity

These assessments follow rigorous scientific methods, providing fair and unbiased evaluations by adapting question difficulty to individual abilities

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