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Services for Teens


At Unfold Psychology, we believe that therapy and support can really make a difference in the lives of teens and tweens. Our team is experienced in working with clients of all ages to help them navigate life’s stresses and challenges. Our focus is on nurturing maturity through conversations and counseling, providing a safe space where our clients feel heard and empowered. We're here to help you reach your full potential, and we are committed to providing services that are both meaningful and effective.


We specialize in individual therapy for teens, providing personalized treatment plans that are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. We take a client-centered approach, so we can truly listen to our clients and understand where they are coming from. Our therapists are trained to help teens improve their communication skills, build resilience, and develop healthy coping mechanisms that they can use throughout their lives.

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Our group therapy sessions are specifically designed for teenagers who may feel like they're alone in their struggles. By connecting with their peers in a safe, supportive environment, teens can feel empowered and motivated to make positive changes in their lives. Our highly qualified therapists work collaboratively with the teens to help them identify their goals and develop personalized strategies to overcome their challenges. Whether they're dealing with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, we're here to support them every step of the way.


Homework, studying, exams - these things can all contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety in students. At Unfold Psychology, we provide holistic support to help students cope with academic pressures and beyond. We offer a variety of services designed to support the mental health and well-being of students, including therapy, homework support and mentoring. Our goal is to empower students to overcome challenges, build resilience and achieve their full potential.

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